Tips mencegah data pada komputer kita tidak bisa dicopy

Sebenarnya, kita bisa melindungi computer tanpa software apapun. Cukup dengan memasukan salah satu perintah di registry (oprek registry), computer kamu bisa aman. Kecuali, yang menggunkannya memang sudah ahli atau pernah membaca artikel ini.

Jika kmu ingin menggunakan trik ini, silakan ikuti langkah berikut.

* Tekan winkey + R lalu ketik regedit. Tekan enter.

Masuk ke HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control . Klik kanan lalu pilih New > Key. Beri nama StorageDevicePolicies. Klik kanan StorageDevicePolicies lalu pilih New > DWORD Values. Beri nama WriteProtect. Klik dua WriteProtect kali lalu beri nilai 1.

* Klik OK dan restart computer kamu.

Jika ada yang menyalin (copy) file di computer kmu ke flashdisk, akan ada peringatan.

Orang lain tidak akan memindahkan (paste) ke flashdisk. Untuk mengembalikan ke semula, ubah nilai WriteProtect menjadi nol (0).

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3 thoughts on “Tips mencegah data pada komputer kita tidak bisa dicopy

  1. First, Some History: For the past couple of months, my computer has been BSODing after being idle with the top closed after 10-20 minutes Today, I installed Kaspersky Antivirus, Here where the real trouble begins, the computer kept freezing and BSODing on me, I kept having to turn it off by the power button, now the computer won’t even go past the dell boot screen, it says “Internal HDD Not Found” and makes loads of loud beeping noises. I have windows XP and a Dell Laptop which I got back in August.

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  2. I’ve always had no problems with getting internet on my computer. Now I can’t connect. I’ve checked and everything is plugged in. I don’t think it is a problem with the cables because I don’t get the message “Local cable disconnected”. All the other computers in my house are working fine. I think that something is wrong with the actual computer. I had a trojan (InternetSecurity2010) before that happened, maybe that has something to do with it? I’ve tried Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Other odd things are happening too…after a few hours or so none of the applications will work (iTunes, microsoft word, etc) and a lot of the words start to disappear. Likeee, the start button at the bottom left corner doesn’t say start, it just is a green blob and when you click on it, it only shows the picture for each application. I’ve run spybot and malwarebytes scans and they both came up with nothing. I dont have any actual antivirus to run because I was in the middle of downloading Kaspersky Anti Virus when it happened and whenever I put in the code, it says that it can’t download because it can’t access the internet. Any ideas?

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