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Don’t be shy if someday you have fell of afraid, sometimes when you fell it, you’ll thinking of negative. All of like make you will be disappointed, suffer or be sad. But it’s like you think because not all of what you think is true. And you must be beloved that anything problem can’t finish if you never want to look what the true happens as result it.

The problem is complete or the big problem not reason to you run for it this, you must be strong, it’s life and life must be away. Don’t care who helps us, but you can care and know that Allah Swt always love you, never sleeping, and never wrong to give helps for someone.

Sometime too, what we afraid not the same whit happen. Fell of afraid not seldom make us depression and make we are being careless. The condition is very bad, we must try to thinking of positive, and doing something to finish it and don’t forget to always ask Allah SWT to hope the good condition more.

So, nobody is ever fallen afraid but you must be dared. Afraid only for Allah SWT, cause all of problem in life is a test from Allah SWT to make you strong and more, more than more love Allah SWT.

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