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When we have finish to do something so we always say thanks for Allah SWT.  Every day we also prepare our time to prayer five times in one day and it is so important for Muslim.

Some people have another religion but, as well as human we must be respect to each other.  Don’t make our different to be problem because although we have different religion we believe that our religion to teach us to be good human and must be can give our hand to everybody.

In Islam as Muslim people, Allah Swt together it’s prophet Muhammad never give different but is our iman. To make us perfect when we prayer for Allah Swt. Anything can we ask, about anything  cause Allah Swt always to know everything what happen to us.

Prayer can make us more and more to be enjoy to thinking and do anything in our life. Fell of sick can going out, Allah Swt give us sweet day in correctly day. So do anything you want do whit Bismillah and finish all of we do whit Alhamdulillah in order we always have bless form Rabb. Aminya rabbal alamin

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