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Soulmate is someone that always there near whit us, whatever our problem or our felling, or etc.  Not seldom we feel that our friend is good body, but it doesn’t mean all of our friends can be soulmate for us. Like a wife that is soulmate for her husband, parents for them children’s or someone to another.

Fell to someone don’t be disturb for our relationship, because if we love someone whit more and more, it is will be make us blind to know about what is the true of love?. Someday we forget that to love someone not only make a feel but then more. We need to know, how about she/he fell to us.

We must be afraid if we can’t control our emotion, so we only to look for something that support our thinking to make a truly our felling. Without ever opportunity about result it.

Someone that falling in love can’t look n listen all of not good from someone his/her love, so that only his/her family, parents n their friends can look anything that not good from his/her partner.

And it is so important for we know that we have Allah SWT. We know our entire feel is Allah swt have, so we must remember, our fell only for Allah Swt that is true love.

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