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Tag: Perancangan dan Implementasi Wireless


Perancangan dan Implementasi Wireless LAN Pada SMK Utama Bakti Palembang

Walidi, Abdullah, S.Kom., MM.Si, Kurniawan, M.M., M.Kom Program Studi Tehnik Komputer – Fakultas Tehnik Komputer Universitas Bina Darma Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani No.12 Palembang Email : walidyalisyah@yahoo.co.id, abdullah@mail.binadarma.ac.id, kurniawan@mail.binadarma.ac.id   Abstract : In the design of Wireless LAN required special attention to aspects such as: choice of network design, network hardware, network transmission medium, the network connection, and network operating systems. Because these aspects greatly affect the performance of wireless networks. The expected benefits in the design of Wireless LAN is the network that existed at Main SMK Bakti Palembang is not only used by employees and the employees only