Web Application Content News Aggregator on Communication Devices Based On Android

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Today’s world of computers and other devices is no longer a strange thing such as a laptop, mobile phone. Until finally the programmers were competing to develop existing technologies so that people can use to meet the needs of the technology, or use it to facilitate his work, and others. The need for the latest news it is necessary to require the news, so a lot of websites provide RSS feeds that are accessible to those who need it for a specific purpose. Therefore, many application programmers, especially the Android programmers who develop applications in gathering news from various existing sources such as web content News Aggregator, RSS Reader, News Reader etc. . Applications News Aggregator Web content is in the form of applications that utilize RSS desktop applications or web – based so users can collect and customize a wide variety of news from various websites in an XML format in a single application.

Keywords: News Aggregator, Android, Communication Devices.

1   Introduction

Computers and communication devices is no longer a strange thing. Communication devices are intermediaries in the delivery of information to the communicant communicator aimed at dissemination of information or the message. Examples of communication devices at the present time, namely mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other [1]. With the communication device is a notebook, mobile phone, laptop, mobile phone and tablet then the community needs can be met, for example the need of information or news get any easier in using these devices.

News is something that is very important in everyday life. Until finally the programmers are increasingly competing to develop the technology to provide the news as a field for their business, for example, programmers provide news content or information. The method used for the news service is a syndicated technology, known as Really Simple Syndication. Really Simple Syndication is a technique used to collect and unify the content of an article from a website [2]. Applications that utilize RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an Aggregator. Or a news aggregator that collects this information also called News Aggregator. By News Aggregator users can collect various kinds of news from various websites in one application [3].

News aggregator web content is typically used on blogs and websites for example detik.com, kompas.com and others. Content of news aggregator on detik.com, kompas.com is point for improving the site visitors. With the development of communication tools today, the news aggregator web content will be available on mobile communication devices based on Android for example. The purpose of this research is to design and create web content News Aggregator application that can display information from a website and help users in gathering news from various sites within an application. While the benefits of this research are biased society android users get news or information required by the application of web content News Aggregator.

2   Research Methodology

2.1    Research Methods

      The method used in this research is descriptive method, descriptive method is a method in researching the status of a group of people, an object, a set of conditions, a system of thought, or a class of events in the present. The purpose of this descriptive study is to create a description, picture or painting in systematic, factual and accurate information on the facts, properties and relationships between phenomena are investigated [4].

2.2    Systems Development Methods

System development method used is the waterfall method. The flow waterfall method approach provides software life or sequences sequentially starting from the analysis, design , coding , testing and support stages [5]. Here is a picture of the waterfall method or stages:

  1. Analysis, Analysis of software requirements gathering process conducted intensive requirements for specifying the software needs to be understood as the software required by the user.
  2. Design, The design software is a multistep process that focuses on the design of software programming including data structures, software architecture, interface representation and coding procedures.
  3. Encoding, the design must be translated into a software program. The result of this phase is a computer program in accordance with a design that’s been made at the design stage.
  4. Examination, Testing focused on the software in terms of logical and functional and make sure that all parts are in the test. This is done to minimize the error (error) and make sure the resulting output as expected.
  5. Maintenance, did not rule out a software change when it is in use by the user. Changes usually occur because of errors that appear and were not detected during testing or software must adapt to the new environment.

2.3    Data Collection Methods

Data collection methods used by the researchers in this research are:

  1. Observation Techniques.
    The advantage of the technique is the analysis Observes can see immediately how long the system is running for reference in designing this application and is able to produce a better picture when compared with other techniques. This design will observe from the applications that have been there before.
  2. Engineering literature.
    Engineering studies in the literature which is a technique used to obtain information about Android and browse to an internet, media books, magazines, and other media related to Android, aims to develop a basic theory that we use in conducting research.

3   Result and Discussion

The result of this research is the application of web content News Aggregator that can be used to get news or information from a website. News or information from the site is at the user’s application requirements for web content News Aggregator in to add insight to the user and the daily information needs. News Aggregator application is a web content display news or information from an XML formatted sites. XML-formatted website that is called by RSS Feeds or News Aggregator. RSS feed is an XML file format that has been used for syndicating news websites and weblogs. The technology was built with the RSS allows users to subscribe to websites that provide feed (feed) RSS, usually web sites whose content is always replaced regularly.

To take advantage of this technology we need RSS aggregator service. Collector can be analogous to a personal mailbox. Then we can sign up on the website we want to know the changes in the information or would like to get the latest information updates from the website. Spooler service can by using web content applications News Aggregator. With the application of web content News Aggregator, users can get news or information from the site that the user wants, for example detik.com, kompas.com, tribunnews.com and others. To make a request sites that users want, it must be ascertained first whether the desired site users already have RSS or not, then users can add RSS feeds desired website. Here is the view web content News Aggregator application is as follows:

  • Main page of News Aggregator

The main page is the home page of the web news aggregator app content. The main page can be seen in Figure 1.

Fig. 1. Main page of news aggregator

  • List of News Aggregator

This site is a contents page from a group of web news aggregator application content, the web page containing the names of the sites that have been added to the user news aggregator. Page of the site can be seen in Figure 2.

Fig. 2. List of news aggregator

  • List of News Based In Categories

News list page is a page that displays a list of news categories based on news or news based websites origin. On this page the user can click on a headline to read news if desired. Page list of news can be seen in Figure 3 and detailed news seen in Figure 4.

Fig. 3. List of news based on categories

Fig. 4. Detail of news

  • Advantages and Disadvantages

NewsAggregatorapplicationof web contenthasits ownadvantagessuch as:

  1. The user must ascertain first whether the user already has a favorite site RSS or not.
  2. Users simply copy the RSS address provided by the site, and then put the address on the application of web content News Aggregator.
  3. Users canaddas manysitesthat userswant asa favoritesite
  4. The usercanputthe siteRSS Feedsby categorylikethe category ofsportsnews, nationalnews, technologyandothers.
  5. News Aggregator web content applications can be run to all versions of android to install apk of application

In addition there are benefits News Aggregator application is web content, also has shortcomings that should be known by the user, among others:

  1. Application web content News Aggregator will error if the URL address entered by the user is incorrect.
  2. News Aggregator application web content must be connected to Wi-Fi or internet package registered Android mobile starter packs before using.

4   Conclusions

The conclusion that can be drawn from the research that has been done is the application of web content News Aggregator communication devices based on Android to retrieve information or news from a site that is formatted XML and in accordance with the wishes of the user . Furthermore, with regard to the results and conclusions, the following are some things y can be suggested:

  1. To be able to retrieve information or news of an XML-formatted site that the user must add the site to the web content News Aggregator application on Android-based communication devices.
  2. The addition of new RSS address of the user should know in advance the RSS address of a web which will be added into the application of web content News Aggregator communication devices based on Android.
  3. The user must ascertain first whether the desired site already has RSS feed facility or not.
  4. In addition the site and the RSS should address first application already provide several categories of news and his RSS feed.
  5. To use web content News Aggregator application on Android-based communication device users must be connected to the internet either through Wi-Fi or internet registration of SIM Card used Android mobile users.


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