Sistem pendukung keputusan kelayakan TKI ke luar negeri menggunakan FMADM

Assoc. Prof. Leon Abdillah

Sistem pendukung keputusan kelayakan TKI ke luar negeri menggunakan FMADM

Ardina Ariani, Leon Andretti Abdillah, Firamon Syakti
BP3TKI Palembang is the government agencies that coordinate, execute and selection of prospective migrants registration and placement. To simplify the existing procedures and improve decision-making is necessary to build a decision support system (DSS) to determine eligibility for employment abroad by applying Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making (FMADM), using the linear sequential systems development methods. The system is built using Microsoft Visual Basic. Net 2010 and SQL Server 2008 database. The design of the system using use case diagrams and class diagrams to identify the needs of users and systems as well as systems implementation guidelines. Decision Support System which is capable of ranking the dihasilkan to prospective migrants, making it easier for parties to take keputusan BP3TKI the workers who will be flown out of the country.

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