Analisa dan Perancangan Knowledge Management Systems pada BDCTC Bina Darma

Assoc. Prof. Leon Abdillah

Analisa dan Perancangan Knowledge Management Systems pada BDCTC Bina Darma

Febriyansa, Leon Andretti Abdillah, Eka Puji Agustini


Abstract : Knowledge Management (KM) is a system that is running the process systematic and active in managing, storing and utilizing knowledge in an organization. Knowledge management serves as a memory in an organization, which consists of the placement process, storage, access and use of knowledge according to the needs. BDCTC provide services in the field of computers, the services available at Bina Darma Career and Training Center, has gained international recognition as BDCTC has organizes professional testing center in the field of computers. Professional testing center is comprised of multiple applications that exercise programs can be selected by the student or alumnus fit their individual needs. As an educational institution, research and community service, the output (output) produced BDCTC are students who have the knowledge and skills of quality, the alumni – alumni of talented and services for a variety of community activities. Intake (input), process and output (output) BDCTC is knowledge, and skills, which is fused in humans.

Keyword : Tacit, Explisit, Knowledge Management System, Unified Modelling Language, prototyping



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