Correspondence Archival Information Systems in Bina Darma University

Assoc. Prof. Leon Abdillah

Correspondence Archival Information Systems in Bina Darma University

Edo Pratama, Leon Andretti Abdillah, Susan Dian Purnamasari


Informatioan technology era support the growth of the organization in making every job done easyly, quickly, and accurately. Archive is a medium that is used by each institution, especially educational institutions such as foundations or university for storage, grouping, organization, control and maintenance of a variety of archival records in particular letter. Bina Darma University has 5 category archives. In order to solve some problems related to arcvhiving correspondence letters, authors develop correspondence  archival information systems (CAIS) or electronic Archive (e-Archive).  Reason and purpose of this research is to build information systems archives of more structured and computerized in order to speed up the search existing data and making of incoming and outgoing mail and paperwork required. This study will use the method of First In First Serve (FIFS). The research results obtained is that the administration needed a system in search for existing archives and manufacture of incoming and outgoing mail and the mail archives report.

Keywords: CAIS, e-Archive, FIFS, Information Systems and Administration.


E. Pratama, L.A. Abdillah, S.D. Purnamasari, “Correspondence archival information systems in bina darma university,” in 4th International Conference on Information Technology and Engineering Application 2015 (ICIBA2015), Palembang, 2015.


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