Enriching Information Technology Course Materials By Using Youtube

Assoc. Prof. Leon Abdillah

Enriching Information Technology Course Materials By Using YouTube

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L.A. Abdillah, “Enriching Information Technology Course Materials by Using Youtube,” in The 5th International Conference On Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science & Information Technology (AICSIT2017), Bayview Beach Resort, Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, 2017. [FigShare, Google Scholar, SSRN, URL, DOI: https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.5480125.v1] [Excellent Paper Award]


IT offers some benefits and collaborations in various sectors. This research focuses on exploring higher education subjects via social technology, YouTube. YouTube is the world largest video based contents application in the world. Current learning materials are not only in text and images, but included video contents. This research enriching students learning materials may involving YouTube as learning sources. The study observed 118 sophomore students in computer science faculty. The results show that, involving YouTube in enriching students course material able to create conductive learning environment. This strategy increases students’ understanding in their field of study.

Keywords: Social Technology, Social Media, YouTube, SCM.


Based on the results and discussions that have been authors described in the sections above, it can be taken a number of conclusions, as follows: 1) Social media, YouTube, is a very powerful medium in helping both lecturers and students in exploring lecture materials. In this research applied to the subject of “business modeling – supply chain management”, and 2) The use of social media facebook that is combined with YouTube has transformed the rigid learning style of the class into a wider and globalized learning environment.



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