I wonder, if the name of facebook, Inc have a meaning, what a simple idiom can suggest to it, and what a clearly brand has been made to promote it, so simple, just facebook that’s mean “cover“.

The cover mean a first layer, mean you can’t dive more deep, not significant. face the cover, face the book.

So, there is a relations about friendship? hehe :) , The site you have been fullfill comment, share, and sometimes flooded the wall, eventually with unimportant note you have been pass it, is just a simple cover of your personality ‘, not more …

Did a friendship like that ? I really don’t think so 😉 , a friendship has a way than just a face, than just a cover, friendship is not about “majority“, “wall to wall”, or somethin like lol, like, suggestions, etc.

When you feel “free“, or the time you feel “safety” that’s a way of “friendship” :)

Zaid Amin (test the native)

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