Konfigurasi Samba Server on RedHat Machine

Samba adalah program yang bersifat open source yang menyediakan layanan berbagi berkas (file service) dan berbagi alat pencetak (print service), resolusi nama NetBIOS, dan pengumuman layanan (NetBIOS service announcement/browsing). Sebagai sebuah aplikasi file server, Samba mengizinkan berkas, alat pencetak, dan beberapa sumber daya lainnya agar dapat digunakan oleh banyak pengguna dalam keluarga sistem operasi UNIX, dan mengizinkan interoperabilitas dengan sistem operasi Windows. Samba dibuat berdasarkan protokol Server Message Block (SMB), oleh Andrew Tridgell.

Ok, sekilas diatas adalah Abstraksi mengenai Protokol Samba dan Implementasinya yg saya intip di : wikipedia.org


1. Set IP Pada Redhat Linux (masuklah ke console shell)

# setup

2. Pilih Network Configuration -> (Tekan Tab) Run Tool

3. Pilih network devices yang aktif (dalam project kali ini device eth0, yang akan saya pakai untuk koneksi ke local (client windows)

4. Kemudian isilah IP Statis dan Netmask yang sesuai dengan subnetting infrastruktur jaringan yang akan anda bangun/dalam project kali ini saya memasukkan IP server dengan IP kelas C : ( untuk 16 client

5. Pastikan tanda * pada Use DHCP [ ] anda hilangkan, kemudian (Tekan Tab) Pilih OK -> Quit

6. Ketikkan perintah di console

# service network restart

perintah ini untuk merestart setup tool (dalam hal ini Network Configuration device)

7. Kemudian kita pindah ke client untuk men-set IP client (Windows client)
masuk ke Network Connections -> Local Area Connection -> klik kanan-> properties

8. Pilih Properties -> Internet Protocols TCP/IP dan masukkan Subnetting IP untuk client
/dalam project kali ini saya memasukkan IP kelas C : ( untuk 16 client

9. Pilih OK dan buka command prompt, lalu cobalah tes ping ke computer server jika ada respon reply packet (ack) dari computer server maka koneksi anda berjalan, namun jika tidak cobalah untuk merepair Local area network atau cek fisik kabel/lan card anda.

10. Cek juga ping dari computer server anda ke computer client

11. Kemudian cek service paket samba, apakah paket ini sudah terinstall atau belum dengan mengetikkan perintah

# rpm qa | grep samba

jika paket samba sudah terinstal maka akan keluar output seperti ini :

namun, jika paket samba belum ada, anda bisa mendownloadnya disini

12. lalu masuklah ke dalam direktori etc/samba

# cd /etc/samba/

# ls –l

# nano smb.conf

13. setelah itu carilah tag Global settings dan edit workgroup, server string dan netbios name dengan nama konfigurasi anda sendiri lalu simpan dengan menekan Ctr+O dan Keluar Ctrl-X

14. lalu carilah pada bagian tag [homes] share definitions dan ubah command menjadi yes pada browseable dan writable

15. Selanjutnya Ketikkan perintah

# service smb start

# service winbind start

# smbpasswd –a root (menambah user root menjadi user samba)

# passwd [*****] (masukkan password root)

Note : Anda juga bisa menambahkan user2 baru untuk mengakses file sharing ini dengan menambahkan user unix dan user samba yang lainnya (dalam project kali ini saya memasukkan user “zaid”)

# useradd zaid (menambah user unix)

# passwd [zaid]

New unix password : [masukkan password unix (root)]

# smbpasswd –a zaid

# password [*****]

(dalam project kali ini saya memasukkan dua user : faza dan zaid)

16. Kemudian kita beralih lagi ke computer client dan mengubah workgroup menjadi sama dengan workgroup yang kita masukkan pada smb.conf (dalam project kali ini saya memasukkan workgroup dengan nama MDGS-SERVER

16. Klik OK lalu beberapa saat wizard pada windows akan mencari workgroup aktif yang sama dan akan muncul halaman ini jika konfigurasi kita berhasil

Welcome to the MDGS-SERVER workgroup

setelah itu klik OK dan restart

17. Setelah computer di restart maka untuk mengecek dan membuka koneksi workgroup yang telah kita buat masuklah ke:

My Network Place -> Klik Kanan Explore -> Entire Network -> Microsoft Windows Network -> MDGS-SERVER

18. Dan apabila pada explore terlihat ada 2 buah netbios yang aktif , Cobalah masuk pada computer server (dalam project kali ini : INCENT (Incent-Server)

19. Masukkan SMB User dan Password yang telah anda buat sebelumnya (misal user faza ) Klik OK

20. Maka akan keluar tampilan dua buah folder yang disharing pada computer server
contoh folder home dan user faza dimana anda bebas untuk bersharing ria files anda yg berharga itu.

Sekian :)

by : Zaid Amin

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Personality Assesment

Yeah, the power of blog is trully amazing and unpredictable …

when I’ve surf in the gulf community, first I don’t to interest for footnote, ads google or somethin, I suggest just another junk or advertise.

but I knew I must get positive thinking every day !!! …

so when I’ve browse in the massive internet, I found a link for site who can measure our skill, personality and another International assesment for advanced carier, skill test and many more.

and I’ve log on …. 😉

how suprised I’m, when I’ve get promoted to get Certificate of C++, Unix Programmer, Linux Administrator and there is Cisco Network Supported too … how glad I’m ..

but in the open of the test, I choose personality assesment test for the firs start.

and here they ‘re the results :


Brainbench Personality Assessment – Evaluation Report

Important. Please see the note below. They provide you with additional information in interpreting your scores.



Trait |<--|---|---|---- Range ----|---|---|--->| Trait
Introverted |………………X……….………..| Extraverted
Candid |………………………..………X.| Considerate
Impulsive |……….X………………………..| Cautious
Excitable |……X………………….………..| Relaxed
Practical |……X………………….………..| Imaginative
Concrete |……X………………….………..| Abstract
|<--|---|---|---- Range ----|---|---|--->|

Your Social Boldness: Introverted VS Extraverted
You are slightly introverted. Do you ever say to people,
“I’m really an introvert” and then they look at you funny?
That’s because you can be both Extraverted and introverted,
but in social situations people see you as an Extravert.
Your enthusiastic and self-confident personality, plus your
ease at talking to strangers gives the appearance that you
are outgoing, even though you may attribute it to just
being a friendly person. You find yourself at the center of
attention, even though you may not actively seek that
position. You are such a warm person that people like to
follow you. Which is good, since you have no problem
accepting your role as a leader when it is given to you.
With your ability to flow easily from shy to outgoing, you
may tend to easily flow from exciting adventures to
relaxing times at home. This makes you a fun person to be
around, because you do not always have to be on the go, yet
you know there is more to life than reading and watching TV.

Your Agreeableness: Candid VS Considerate
You are very considerate. You are a popular person, aren’t
you? Of course you are. You truly value harmony in dealing
with others. People recognize your friendly, generous, and
helpful personality. Your easy-going, agreeable nature
makes you such a joy to be around. This is especially true
in meetings or general conversations. The topic may become
heated, but you are considerate of other’s feelings and you
will find a happy medium in order to placate those around
you. This is because you have an optimistic view of human
nature and you realize that if you trust people with their
decisions that they are not trying to hurt you or take
advantage of you. This special and rare quality is also
seen in your altruism. You enjoy helping others. To you it
is not a sacrifice; to you it is fulfilling to help others
in need.

Your Self-Control: Impulsive VS Cautious
You are moderately impulsive. At times you can be
impulsive, but not to the point where you are jeopardizing
work or relationships. You know when to follow rules, but
you also know when to bend rules that are not set in stone.
If your home or work space gets a little messy, you do not
get upset or feel compelled to tidy up. You do not have to
have perfect order in your life to feel good about yourself
or your environment. You tend to be more on the fun side of
spontaneity, and enjoy being flexible with your plans and
your life. In general, you prefer to make short-term goals
rather than long-term goals.

Your Anxiety Level: Excitable VS Relaxed
You are quite excitable. You do not like stressful
situations. You tend to react emotionally to stress, which
can lead to bad moods, or even anxiety, anger, or
depression. You like to be treated fairly, and may become
upset if you sense that someone is trying to cheat you. You
may find urges and cravings irresistible to the point that
you are giving into them even if you know you will regret
it or feel guilty later. Sometimes you may feel
uncomfortable in social situations, even thinking that
others are judging you. This self-consciousness may show
through as shyness, because you do not want people to think
poorly of you. You tend to worry and are apprehensive in
unfamiliar circumstances.

Your Openness to Change: Practical VS Imaginative
You are quite practical. You want just the facts – keep it
plain and simple. You are practical, pragmatic and well
grounded. You have no time for carelessness and
impracticality. You prefer to keep your emotions to
yourself, rather than exposing your feelings to the world.
Life moves along much better for you when you can maintain
a schedule and have routine in your life. Unexpected
surprises and chaos are a major inconvenience to you. You
tend to be conservative and are somewhat resistant to
change. Others respect your ability to act properly in your
everyday life.

The way you Think/Reason: Concrete VS Abstract
You are quite concrete in your thinking. You tend to prefer
the plain, straightforward, and obvious to the complex,
ambiguous, and subtle. You might even regard the arts and
sciences with suspicion, regarding these endeavors as
abstruse or of no practical use. You believe that
intellect should not be equated with intelligence, as
intellect is an intellectual style, not an intellectual


(1) The report sent to your computer screen upon the
completion of this assessment is only a temporary web page.
When you exit your web browser you will not be able to
return to this URL to re-access your report. A copy of the
report is emailed directly to you when you complete the

(2) Personality traits describe, relative to other people,
the frequency or intensity of a person’s feelings,
thoughts, or behaviors. Possession of a trait is therefore
a matter of degree. We might describe two individuals as
extraverts, but still see one as more extraverted than the
other. This report uses expressions such as “extravert” or
“high in extraversion” to describe someone who is likely to
be seen by others as relatively extraverted.

(3) Please keep in mind that scores on a personality
assessment are neither good nor bad. As with any
personality inventory, scores and descriptions can only
approximate an individual’s actual personality. Questions
about the accuracy of your results are best resolved by
reviewing and discussing your report with people who know
you well.


I think you must try this assesment, and enjoy the advantage … 😉


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