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CLI Announces Awards for Panduit Scholarship Program

CLI and Panduit have announced 40 scholarship awards for the Panduit Excellence Scholarship Program. Awards were based on demonstrated commitment to networking education leading to the CCNA certification. More than 500 applications were submitted and reviewed. Each application provided information about education, experience, community service, and an essay on careers goals in the networking industry. Each award winner will receive USD $1,000 towards tuition in CCNA courses for the 2008-2009 academic year.


Alhamdulillah …

” Zaid Z.Amin Present in Panduit Scholarship Recipients 2008-2009 “

I must confess this sholarship is the first International scholarship that I’ve got, more than 500 aplications around the world were submitted and reviewed. Honestly I’m very grateful to Allah SWT for this award, I not suspect for this great achievement can came to me when I just a newbie in this field, alhamdulillah … this moment would more inspired me to consist and making me more self confidence to the right choose for my life and my great … that is …

” Network engineering “.

What is network engineering ?

Network Engineering

What is network engineering? The definition of network engineering describes existing non-converged systems. The future is a converged digital network with network engineering including all aspects of the design, implementation and support.

In telecommunication, the term network engineering has the following meanings:

  1. In telephony, the discipline concerned with (a) determining internetworking service requirements for switched networks, and (b) developing and implementing hardware and software to meet them.
  2. In computer science, the discipline of hardware and software engineering to accomplish the design goals of a computer network.
  3. In radio communications, the discipline concerned with developing network topologies.
Source US Federal Standard 1037C

Network Engineer

What is a network engineer? The definition for network engineer is a person who has significant responsibility in the design, implementation and support for the converged digital network.

A network engineer is responsible for the planning, design, and implementation of Local and Wide Area Networks (LANs and WANs). Network engineers usually design and implement large heterogeneous networks, and are required to have significant expertise in designing and administering network hardware and software from vendors like Juniper, Nortel Networks, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and CheckPoint. It is not uncommon for network engineers to hold certifications such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert, or Certified NetWare Engineer or Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert.

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