Designing Data Collection for Better Policy

DESIGNING DATA COLLECTION FOR BETTER POLICY IN Small Medium Enterprise’s (SME’s) FINANCING (Case study: SME’s Database Bank Indonesia’s Project in South Sumatera)

M. Amirudin Syarif, Lin Yan Syah UNIVERSITAS BINA DARMA PALEMBANG Email:, ABSTRACT Financing for SMEs held by banking in Indonesia using equivalent criteria that compare to big corporations. The criteria are the application of classical criteria with 5C (capital, character, collateral, capacity, and condition) which are the main analytical tool in the financing to be provided. It should not be compared with the same analytical tools because there are many difficulties faced by SMEs in meeting the funding criteria. That’s why; most of the SMEs have failed in the evaluation of financing (could not passing to get credit). The Impact of its difficulties is the main problem for SMEs to grow to be a big business. Besides the inability to meet the criteria 5C, Researchers have been suspected the other problems, namely: the process of data collection is not optimal, so that the data is not reliable. The study seeks to overcome these problems by proposing a modified 5C criteria evaluation. Modifications to the evaluation carried out by using the criterion of Laplace, Wald, and Hurwicz, the trade-off method of Game Theory. In order for the application of a evaluation modified can be done, then the design of data collection is key to the success of the policy-making better. An example is the policy in terms of its passing or not financing that proposed by the unit SMEs. Applications of designing the data collection was done by re-design of data collection and form data. Re-design is done qualitatively using the approach pattern Forums Group Discussion (FGD). The results of the study is the criteria that have been modified 5C, design a reliable form of data collection, and decision making optimal financing for SMEs.

Key words: designing data collection, 5C (capital, character, collateral, capacity, and condition), Small Medium Enterprise’s (SMEs), financing, Forum Group Discussion (FGD), Game theory.

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