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Information Technology Certification

What is it about?

Certification is a professional standard in any Field for those who is competent in related field.

Certification must fulfill the profession quality requirement which is in place.

Certification is held and manage by profession organization non government

How about the Background of IT certification?

  • Fulfilling business need
  • In demand by employers
  • Anticipate globalization
  • Formal Acknowledgment for higher education graduate to be a professional human resource
  • Professional approval in that field or Proof of skills)
What is the Benefits?
  • National acknowledgment toward level of professional skill
  • Professional Acknowledgment from organization profession both regionally and internationally
  • Opening access to national, regional and international job market.
  • Reference for salary scale and carrier
  • Creating professional environment


The objectives of certification as follows

  • Widening job market for IT human resource.
  • Preparing the IT human resoures to “Go International”.
  • Establishing the equality level of professional stage national and international.(Carrier, salary etc)

Certification value for enhancing corporation business

  • Improving the competitive advantage
  • Improving work productivity
  • Improving the skill on human resources more completely.
  • Improving credibility toward business partner and customer



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