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The past few decades, in Indonesia have seen an increase in the number of women who starting their own companies in fashion industries. With online social media like facebook, twitter, and also with smart phone like blackberry, their sell the product. This article profiles women entrepreneurs from Bandung, who own and manage small to medium sized enterprises in West Java, Indonesia. It examines the problems these woman faced during she run this business and her strategy to promote her original brand for hand made fashion bag. As we know, all the famous brand like Louise Vuiton, Prada, Gucci and many other are international brand that produce high quality and prestige fashion products like bag and shoes, and it cost very expensive, so this women entrepreneur create an original hand made bag with high quality of local material but still in a good price. “Her’s” is her brand name since two years ago, she sell many kind of women and man bag in variety colour and material. “Her’s” did not need a space like shop or boutique to get a customer , even though they still have their own shop in west java until now and already well known by many people. this article also explain that Women with entrepreneurial skills to starting their own businesses is an important aspect of economic development especially in countries such as Indonesia. What interesting in this paper is analize how women who basicly as a mother also can manage their time to be an entrepreneur and the problems facing by male and female entrepreneurs are totally different.

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Many study and research have shown that many successful entrepreneurs specialy woman start their businesses as a second or third profession. Because of their previous careers, women entrepreneurs enter the business world later on in life, around 40–60 years old, but now in Indonesia, woman start their bussines from young age or teenager becouse the high economic pressure and the increasing need. As women are now overtaking their male peers when it comes to education have higher education degrees is one of significant characteristics that many successful female entrepreneurs have in common.
Studies on women entrepreneurs show that women have to cope with stereotypic attitudes towards women on a daily basis. Business relations as customers, suppliers, banks, etc. constantly remind the entrepreneur that she is different, sometimes in a positive way such as by praising her for being a successful entrepreneur even though being a woman. Employees tend to mix the perceptions of the manager with their images of female role models leading to mixed expectations on the woman manager to be a manager as well as a “mother”. The workload associated with being a small business manager is also not easily combined with taking care of children and a family.
if the revenues are somewhat smaller, women entrepreneurs feel more in control and happier with their situation than if they worked as an employee. The future of woman entrepreneur in Indonesia specialy in west java are develop from year to year and officialy can support the government to increase jobless in Indonesia.
Entrepreneurship comes from the entrepreneurial and business. Enterprises, means the act of charity, work, do something. So entrepreneurship is a fighter or a hero who does something. This is new in terms of etymology (word origin). According to Indonesian Dictionary, entrepreneurs are people who are good at identifying new product or talent, to determine how the new production, preparing to conduct operations of new products, manage its operations and market capitalization. So, entrepreneurship that leads people doing business / activity itself with all abilities. While entrepreneurship refers to a mental attitude that owned an entrepreneur in conducting business / activity. Entrepreneurship views of the resources in it is someone who brings resources such as labor, materials, and other assets in a combination that adds greater value than ever before and are also attached to the people who bring about change, innovation, and new rules.
One operational definition of entrepreneurship who managed to synthesize a functional role of the entrepreneur is the definition by Wennekers and Thurik (1999 : 46-47):
“… the ability and willingness of an individual real, that comes from themselves, in teams within and outside existing organizations, to find and create new economic opportunities
(new products, new production methods, new organizational schemes and combinations of the new goods market) and to introduce their ideas to the market, in the face of uncertainty and other obstacles, by making decisions on location, form and utility of the institution’s resources ” Therefore, entrepreneurship is essentially a characteristic behavior. Entrepreneurs may show only during certain stages of their careers with respect to certain activities (Carree and Thurik 2002: 4)


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