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Oleh : Fatoni

Abstract. Building Network Of Wireless Topology Ad Hoc Use The USB Wireless LAN Adapter. Generally, computer technology especially computer network functions to facilitate and improve the efficiency job, even if the jobs who has big scale or on the contrary. Initially network technology use the cable, but along expand it epoch born the network technology without cable (wireless). To build the connections without cable required an additional peripheral like USB Wireless LAN Adapter, which its installation omits, stuck at port of USB computer. Standardizes Wireless wearer is 802.11b at 2.4 Ghz frequency with the speed transfer the data 11 Mbps. Sum up the user consisted of some computer become the topology consideration wearer by that is Ad Hoc.

Keyword : Wireless/WiFi, Wireless LAN, Ad Hoc Topology, USB Wireless LAN Adapter –> Download

Jurnal Ilmiah MATRIK (Matematika Teknologi Rekayasa Informatika Komputer) Vol. 7 No.2, Agustus 2005  ISSN : 1411-1624 Hal. 125-142