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Quality of Service adalah kemampuan sebuah jaringan untuk menyediakan layanan yang lebih baik lagi bagi layanan trafik yang melewatinya. Dari hasil survey yang dilakukan dengan mengambil 30 sampel bahwa QoS jaringan LAN universitas Bina Darma cukup baik dengan total QoS rata-rata 3.67. Mengacu pada pentingnya kualitas layanan jaringan dan belum dilakukannya pengukuran yang pasti yang dapat di gunakan untuk mengukur seberapa besar kualitas layanan yang harus di penuhi, maka masalah pokok dalam penelitian ini adalah“ Analisis Quality Of Service Jaringan Local Area Network pada Universitas Bina Darma ”. Alat yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini BizNET Speed Meter, Axence NetTools dan Iperf. Sedangkan metode yang di gunakan adalah action research dengan model sistem monitoring QoS. Dari hasil pengukuran parameter QoS yang terdiri bandwidth, throughput, delay, jitter dan packet loss untuk pengukuran EtE QM berpengaruh terhadap QoS jaringan. Faktor-faktor yang bisa mempengaruhi QoS jaringan adalah redaman, distorsi, noise dan
kapasitas Bandwidth.

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Abstrak : Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi intensi perilaku Dosen dan Mahasiswa dalam penggunaan e-Learning. Metode yang di gunakan untuk mengetahui faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi intensi perilaku terhadap sistem e-learning Universitas Bina Darma. tersebut dengan menggunaka metode TAM (Technology Acceptance Model). Dalam penelitian ini variabel yang mempengaruhi intensi perilaku penggunaan e-learning system terdiri dari tiga variabel, yaitu Perceived Usefulness (PU) dan Perceived Ease of Use (PEOU) sebagai variabel mandiri sedangkan intensi perilaku penggunaan e-Learning sebagai variabel terkait. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukan bahwa kedua variabel mandiri tersebut PU dan PEOU mempengaruhi variabel terkait dengan nilai 29,8% untuk mahasiswa dan 86,0% untuk dosen, sedangkan sisanya merupakan pengaruh dari faktor lain.

Kata Kunci : e-Learning, Sistem, TAM, PU, PEOU, Intensi



Fatoni1, Lusiana2

Abstrak : Sistem Otomasi dan Digital Library pada perpustakaan Universitas Bina Darma ini sudah digunakan sejak tahun 2006 hingga sekarang namun dari studi awal yang dilakukan ternyata pemakaian sistem ini mendapatkan tanggapan yang berbeda-beda dari penggunanya. Sistem otomasi sangat membantu proses kegiatan administrasi pada perpustakaan Universitas Bina Darma. Tetapi apakah kinerja sistem ini sudah diterima oleh seluruh penggunanya? Oleh karena itu, perlu untuk melakukan penelitian terhadap masalah tersebut. Dengan menggunakan model Human Organization Technology dalam penelitian ini maka di dapatkan hasil lebih dari 80% menyatakan sangat setuju dengan kinerja sistem otomasi dan antara variabel Manusia, Organisasi dan Teknologi secara bersama-sama ada korelasi terhadap kinerja sistem otomasi.

Kata Kunci : Sistem, Otomasi, Human, Organization, Technology

Fatoni1, Teguh Noptriansyah2

Abstract: In an effort to achieve work efficiency, attendance factor is very important, especially related to production, payroll, performance, work and others. In recording tool  conventional employee absences require a lot of personnel administration clerk intervention nor honesty  of employee it’s self. It is possible the manipulation of data if the presence of continuous, supervision on the process is not done properly. At the Polytechnic University of Sriwijaya, integration into the civil service system needs analysis and program design are integrated. With conventional systems, is quite difficult to be automated because of the presence with manually recording information. Recording using a computer such as the use of fingerprints, it’s possible integration with the staffing system and further system development. With use biometric-based in attendance system, process of information retrieval employee attendance to nearly 100% accurate, because it is based fingerprints of employees as well as recording and reporting process automatically.

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Jurnal Ilmiah MATRIK (Matematika Teknologi Rekayasa Informatika Komputer) Vol. 13 No.2, Agustus 2011  ISSN : 1411-1624 Hal. 149-166

Oleh : Fatoni

Abstract, Quality of Service is the ability of a network to provide better service for passing traffic service. From the results of a survey those have done by taking 30 samples that QoS of LAN is good enough with total of QoS with average is 3.67. Referring to the importance of network services quality and have not done the exact measurements that can be used to measure of quality that must be fulfilled, the main problem in this study is “Quality Of Service Analysis Local Area Network at Bina Darma University. Tools that used in this study are BIZNET Speed Meter, Axence NetTools and Iperf. While the methods that used is action research with model system monitoring of Qos. From the measurement of QoS parameters which consist of bandwidth, throughput, delay, jitter and packet loss for the measurement of ETE QM effect the LAN. Factors that could affect the network QoS is attenuation, distortion, noise and Bandwidth capacity.

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Jurnal Ilmiah MATRIK (Matematika Teknologi Rekayasa Informatika Komputer) Vol. 13 No.1, April 2011  ISSN : 1411-1624 Hal. 1-20

Oleh : Fatoni

Abstract, Computer wich is equipped with system of technologies in the CISCO network laboratory provide much convinience for professors and even students is teaching and learning activities. Computer that use by student in CISCO’ LAB is computer that has a good quality. In the use of computer fasilities for more then one person, they usually there is damage, damage on operating system will require considerable long time for the whole computer. It takes technique on how to install all the computers in time as effetively as possible. Therefore in this study will discuss the implementation of cloning hardisk based of network, study case at CISCO laboratory of Bina Darma University Palembang. Implementation of clonig hardisk with used DRBL (Diskless Remote Boot in Linux) by using clonezilla server as a server operating system. With DBRL so easy to duplicate without the need for a long time.

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Jurnal Ilmiah MATRIK (Matematika Teknologi Rekayasa Informatika Komputer) Vol. 12 No.3, Desember 2010  ISSN : 1411-1624 Hal. 195-212

Oleh : Fatoni

Abstract, In the field of health, there is a way to calculate calories in kcal / day in both healthy and sick people. To estimate the total calorie expenditure, the results of this calculation is still to be multiplied by a factor of activity. But the calculation is the manual way and difficult to implement. The development of computer technology, particularly in the field of expert systems have been developed several models, one of them is fuzzy logic. The reason for the use of fuzzy logic is considered flexible in the sense that can be built and developed with ease without having to start from “zero”. Fuzzy inference method used in this study using Mamdani method which consists of four steps, namely formation of fuzzy sets, implication function application, composition rules and affirmation. This has encouraged research to make the application computation daily calorie diabetes mellitus using fuzzy logic

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Jurnal Ilmiah MATRIK (Matematika Teknologi Rekayasa Informatika Komputer) Vol. 12 No.1, April 2010  ISSN : 1411-1624 Hal. 23-40

Oleh : Fatoni & Ilman Zuhriyadi

Abstract. This research discusses the improvement of leader commitment in developing information technology management at BDU by involving four variables, they are, leadership participation (X1), leader background (X2) organizational condition (X3) and leader commitment (Y).  The objective of this research is designed to answer the formulation of problems, whether there is a significant correlation among the variables X1, X2, X3 towards Y.

The sample used in this research was 40.  Technique for collecting the data was questionnaires by distributing the questionnaires to the deans, the head of study programs, and the head of all work units who use the information technology facilities in their daily office hours.

The consideration in determining the sample was to get the valid information concerning the level of leader commitment in developing information technology management.  The result of this research shows that there is a significant correlation among the four variables, as formulated below:

Y = -0,025 + 0,410 X1 + 0,274 X2 + 0.277 X3

Keyword :   Information Technology, Leadership Participation, Leader Back-ground, Organizational Condition, And    Leader Commitment. –> Download

Jurnal Ilmiah MATRIK (Matematika Teknologi Rekayasa Informatika Komputer) Vol. 10 No.3, Desember 2008 ISSN : 1411-1624 Hal. 295-314