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Perbandingan hasil decompiler Java menggunakan Software JAVA Decompiler pada Versi 1.1 dan versi 1.3

Oleh : Afriyudi, M.Kom.


This research was objectived to know the java decompiler making process and fixing the existing Java Decompiler program that was objectived to be implemented into java decompiler program form for Java second edition.

It have done an experiment from the existing program therefore it was resulting Java decompiler program that was better than the before. The fixing of the program was deleting method constructor that did not do any statement. Experiment of some program have also done to know the difference between the optimation for each Java Development Kit version. The version used for this experiment was version 1.1 and version 1.3.

Concluded that the result of the experiment resulting program that was better than the program before. The result of the experiment showed that the optimation was better if it was used version 1.3 rather than version 1.1.

Key Word : Java Decompiler, method
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