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Aplikasi Mobile Android untuk entry nilai

Kabar gembira buat dosen Universitas BIna Darma. TIM-UPT telah berhasil mengembangkan sebuah aplikasi Entry Nilai berbasis Android. Aplikasi ini merupakan alternatif lain selain entry nilai dengan aplikasi web.

Aplikasi ini support untuk Android versi 2.2, 2.3, 3.0 dan 3.2. Aplikasi ini sebenarnya dibuat untuk handpone dengan ukuran 2.7inch. tetapi untuk versi tablet aplikasi ini tetap berjalan.

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Mobile Application for Student Assessment with Android

Mobile Application for Student Assessment with Android

Afriyudi1, M. Akbar2


Bina Darma University as university-based Information Technology has stepped forward in the vision and mission. One of example is the implementation of Information Technology in the academic process, such as the Academic Information Systems, and E-learning. This system would assist lecturers in teaching and learning activities such as knowing the schedule of teaching, preparing teaching materials and conducting the online grading. This applications will be built is an alternative application that allows lecture to assess student work offline by using the android platform. Previous research has been done by creating a desktop-based desktop applications with converting excel data format that is used to input grade student and then the data will be sent to the academic information system. In the process of development will be an android-based application that allowss implification of the previous application. Applications Read the rest