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Pengembangan Perangkat lunak administrasi basisdata berbasis mobile dengan J2ME

Pengembangan Perangkat Lunak Administrasi Basisdata berbasis Mobile dengan J2ME

Oleh :Afriyudi, M.Kom.

Dosen Universitas Bina Darma, Palembang

Abstract :This research aims to build the application database administrator based mobile. This application is a first step in the development of mobile applications based administrator. On this research are limited only to the administrator’s job only a few such as data backup. Restart the server, check server status and check on-line user. In addition, the database used is mysql and the test is done only a emulator.To complete the problem of this research method used is the system life cycle. Benefits that can be taken from the making of this application is to help database administrators manage the database in the mobile.

Keywords : Database Administrator, Mobile, Emulator.


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