Oleh : Fatoni

Abstract. The site of survey is the process that is used by surveyor. The aim is the location with choose device wireless that to fit with charater, interference, with the radio frequency/acces point of reach so’that can implementation net wireless very well. The site of survey is the step very important in the implementation net wireless. In using the site of survey software used for detection the power of signl WLAN at yhe zone that se the variant of standard such as 802.11b or that is know with WiFi (wireless Fidelity), 802.11a (WiFi5), and 802.11g is Network Stumbler

Keyword : Site Survey, Wireless, Access Point, Network Stumbler –> Download

Jurnal Ilmiah MATRIK (Matematika Teknologi Rekayasa Informatika Komputer) Vol. 9 No.2, April 2007  ISSN : 1411-1624 Hal. 75-92


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