Influence of Advertising and Sales Promotion

Against Buying Decision At Toyota Avanza

     Case Study at PT. Tunas Auto Graha Palembang


This study was conducted to determine the “Influence of Advertising and Sales Promotion In the Purchase Decision Against Toyota Avanza in Palembang”. The target population in this study is that the population in Palembang, which is the consumer Toyota Avanza and in this study the researchers took a sample of 60 respondents. In this study, an analysis tool used is multiple linear regression which aims to measure the extent of the relationship between variables influence one another and also use Hypothesis Test F and T which aims to look at the effect of variable Advertising, Sales Promotion and Purchase Decision simultaneously as well as its influence partial. Multiple Linear Regression equations were derived based on the results of statistical tests in SPSS 22 is Y = 3275 + 0245 (X1) + 0183 (X2) and the results of correlation coefficient R at 0.23 which shows that there is influence very strong between each independent variable. While the results of coefficient of determination R2 for 0853, which means that the Advertising and Sales Campaigns able to influence the purchase decision with a percentage value of 86%, while the remaining 14% is influenced by other variables that are not described in the study. It can be concluded from the results of Test SPSS that all independent variables have a significant influence when tested simultaneously or partially tested (separately).

Keywords: Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Purchasing Decision.


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