Sejarah Berkembangnya Komputer

Sejarah Berkembangnya Komputer (Lebih ke timeline)
1924 The Tabulating Machine Company is renamed to IBM.
1939 Hewlett Packard is founded.
1947 The first transistor is invented.
1957 DEC is founded.
1966 MoboCop was born.
1967 IBM creates the first floppy disk.
1968 Intel Corp is founded.
1969 AMD is founded. AT&T Bell Laboratories develop Unix. Compuserve is founded.
1970 Intel releases the first microprocessor – the 4004. Intel announces the 1103, the first random-access memory (RAM).
1972 The compact disc is invented.
1974 Intel releases the 8080 microprocessor.
1975 MITS ships one of the first PCs, the Altair 8800 with one kilobyte (KB) of memory: A mail-order kit for $397.00 Paul Allen and Bill Gates found Microsoft. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs found Apple Computer.
1976 Intel introduces the 8086 microprocessor. Xerox develops the widely used networking protocol Ethernet.
1977 Star Wars debuts. ARCNET the first commercially network is developed. The Apple II, the first personal computer with color graphics is demonstrated.
1978 The 5.25-inch floppy disk becomes an industry standard. Epson introduces the TX-80
1979 The Motorola 6800 is released. The Intel 8088 is released. Phoenix is founded. Texas Instruments releases the TI 99/4 personal computer. Hayes markets its first modem. Atari introduces coin-operated version of Asteroids. 3COM is founded.
1980 IBM hires Paul Allen and Bill Gates to create DOS. Microsoft licenses Unix and starts to develop a PC version, XENIX. The first Tandy Color computer is introduced. AST is founded.
1981 Hewlett-Packard Superchip, the first 32-bit chip is introduced. Intel ships the 8087 math coprocessor. MS-DOS 1.0 was released. IBM releases its IBM PC, which runs on DOS. Commodore ships the VIC-20, which later becomes the world�s most popular computer costing only $299.95. Logitech is founded. Adaptec is founded.
1982 The Intel 80286 processor is announced. Peter Norton creates Norton Utilities. Sony releases its first Trinitron monitor. Sun is incorporated. Compaq Computer Corp. is founded. MS-DOS version 1.25 is released. Adobe is founded. 1983 The IBM XT is first introduced. The Apple IIe is introduced. MS-DOS 2.0 was released. Microsoft Windows was announced November, 1983
1984 ISA is expanded to 16-bit The 3.5-inch floppy diskette is introduced. Dell Computer is founded IBM develops EGA. Microsoft introduces MS-DOS 3.0 for the IBM PC AT and MS-DOS 3.1 for networks. The Tandy 1000 personal computer is introduced. University of Southern California professor Fred Cohen creates alarm when he warns the public about computer viruses. Kings Quest 1: Quest for the crown is released to the public. MoboCop graduates from High School Cirrus is founded. 1985 Intel introduces the 80386. Microsoft and IBM begin collaboration on the next-generation operating system (OS/2). Gateway 2000 is founded. Microsoft Windows 1.0 is shipped. ATI is founded.
1986 MS-DOS 3.2 was released.
1987 Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is established. The SPARC processor is introduced by Sun. IBM introduces VGA. IBM introduces MCA. MS-DOS 3.3 was released. Microsoft and IBM release OS/2 1.0. IBM introduces the PS / 2 personal computer. IBM sends clone manufactures letters demanding retroactive licensing fees.
1988 EISA is developed as an alternative to MCA. Intel introduces the 16 MHz 80386SX microprocessor. Creative Labs introduces the SoundBlaster MS-DOS 4.0 was released. MS-DOS 4.01 was released.
1989 Intel releases the 486DX processor. Asus is founded.
1990 Intel releases the 80386SL processor. Microsoft releases Windows 3.0 The World, the first commercial Internet dial-up access provider comes online. Creative Labs introduces the SoundBlaster Pro. Microsoft and IBM stop working together to develop operating systems. IBM introduces XGA.
1991 Intel introduces the Intel 486SX Advanced Micro Devices introduces the Am386DX. The Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) is developed by Intel, Xircom and Zenith Data Systems. Linux is introduced. World Wide Web is launched. Microsoft changes the name of OS/2 to Windows NT. MS-DOS 5.0 was released.
1992 Intel releases the 486DX2. Intel introduces the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI). VESA local bus is introduced. Microsoft and Hewlett Packard develops ECP.
1993 Intel develops PPGA. Intel releases the Pentium Processor. IrDA is founded. The EPA establishes Energy Star. PowerPC processor for the Apple Power Mac is introduced. DOOM by IdSoftware was released. Myst is released.
1994 A mathematical flaw in the Intel Pentium is discovered. Intel releases the IntelDX4 processor. YAHOO is created Netscape is founded. Commodore computers files Bankruptcy. Microsoft releases its beta for Windows 95. Rasmus Lerdorf creates PHP. MS-DOS 6.22 was released. Microsoft releases Windows 3.11.
1995 Intel releases the new motherboard form factor ATX. USB standard is released. Microsoft Releases Windows 95. is officially opened.
1996 Intel releases the 200 MHz Pentium. Cyrix ships the 133 MHz Media GX processor. NEC merges with Packard Bell. Creative Labs introduces the 3D Blaster card.
1997 Intel introduces the MMX chip. The Intel Pentium II 233 MHz processor is released. AMD introduces the K6 processor. Advanced Graphics Port or AGP design is released. Cyrix is established. DVDs go on sale. Microsoft announces Windows 98.
1998 Intel releases the 266 MHzCeleron processor. Intel releases the 333, 350, and 400 MHz Pentium II. AMR is released Award becomes part of Phoenix Compaq purchases Digital Equipment Corporation Hearings open between Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Justice. Microsoft Windows 98 is officially released. Apple introduces the iMac.
1999 Intel releases the Pentium III 500 MHz. AMD releases the Athlon processor. Cyrix releases the MII processor. Intel announces the Pentium III processor. VIA Technologies announces it will acquire Cyrix from National Semiconductor. NVIDIA introduces the GPU.
2000 CNR is introduced. AMD introduces the 850 MHz Athlon processor. Intel begins shipping a 1 GHz processor. Intel introduces the 400, 450, and 500 MHz mobile Celeron processors. Intel announces the processor code-named “Willamette” will formally be called Pentium 4. AMD releases the 1.1 GHz Athlon processor. Microsoft Windows 2000 is released.
2001 Intel recalls its 1.13 GHz Pentium III processors. Bill Gates unveils the Xbox. Microsoft Windows XP home and professional editions are released.
2002 – now (publish By Wien Sumber :  ITB – D4 )


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