“Pengaruh Bauran Eceran (Retail Mix) Terhadap Keputusan Pembelian Konsumen Pada Carrefour Palembang Square”.  OLEH 




Retail mix is a combination from some components. It is a main component for retail company marketing system. This research discusses about the effect of retail mix including: product, price, location, retail service, promotion and presentation toward the consumers buying decision of Carrefour Palembang Square.

The research is a causal comparative research showing the direction of relationship between the independent and dependent variable, besides measuring the strength of its relation. The research is aimed to know the significant effect from retail mix variable partially and simultaneously toward the consumers buying decision at Carrefour Palembang Square. The research subject is consumers of Carrefour Palembang Square as much 105 people.

The analysis data is using dual regression to know the effect form simultaneously or individual. It between the independent variable (X) and the dependent variable (Y). For partially test, it was conducted t-test (individual test) to know the effect of each independent variable to the dependent variable. The effect test simultaneously is used F-test, to know the grade of independent variable effect simultaneously to the dependent variable. To take the conclusion is comparing F chance with the significant level 5%. To know the dominant retail mix variable is by looking for the biggest b value.

The Result of this research proves that product and presentation have significant effect toward buying decision. White the others retail mix variable are price, location, retail service, and promotion did not effect on the buying decision at Carrefour Palembang Square. This research also proves that retail mix variable simultaneously has significant effect toward the buying decision with F-value = 10,304, significant value 0,00. Presentation variable is the dominant variable in effecting the buying decision with b-value = 0,314.


Keywords: Retail Mix, Decision Buying, Carrefour Palembang Square

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